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This equipment consists of “sensors” mounted on the crankcase side of a diesel engine and a “alarm device” that collectively controlled by RS485 communication means. The equipment uses a natural diffusion system that does not require mechanically moving parts, such as a suction mechanism, driving air or piping. An infrared diffuse reflection principle is used. The mist detection section consists of a light emitting element (LED) and a light receiving element (PD: photodiode). The light emitted from the LED of the sensor unit is diffused and reflected by the oil mist in the sensor hood, and then received by the photoreceiver diode (PD). After amplification and A-D conversion, the output from the photoreceiver is input to the CPU for arithmetic operation, and then transferred to the controller as the oil mist density data. Each sensor is separately installed on diesel engine cylinder with independent oil mist detection function and no connection between each other. Compact design, improved reliability and easy maintenance are realized by the use of the light scattering system for detection of mist density. The maximum number of detection points is 32. The system is very flexible for layout and installations of oil mist detection and alarm device.

For mist detection by the sensor units, a natural diffusion system is used. This eliminates the necessity of such fan suction mechanism, piping and driving air that the conventional systems required. The mist detection section consists of a light emitting element (LED) and a light receiving element (PD: photodiode). The use of the light scattering detecting technique reduced the equipment size and realized high-sensitivity detection excelling in stability. The sensor units do not have mechanically moving parts. They are light and excel in durability and vibration resistance. The changes in temperature of sensor unit are automatically corrected. The equipment is capable of automatic zeroing tracking for a long term. The use of a MCU algorithm ensures high-performance stable detection. The data communication and power cable are wired in a daisy chain wiring, which simplify the wiring work on site. The system use the TFT touch display screen to make the display visual and setting convenient. The monitor unit reserve a port for long distance transmission of RS485 data, convenient for remote monitoring of data.

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