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“People First "Care for Employee Health ——Health Physical Examination Activities

To further care for the physical health of employees, effectively carry out health monitoring, and achieve the goal of "Early diagnosis, Early prevention, and Early treatment" for disease prevention and treatment. To effectively maintain the physical and mental health of employees and hold up the "Health Protection Umbrella" for them, the company conducted employee health physical and occupational health physical examination activities at 8am on April 18th in the hall on the first floor. The physical examination items include: blood routine, blood sugar, ophthalmology, B-ultrasound, electrocardiogram and blood pressure examination, CT/DR examination, surgery, chest X-ray, liver function, tumor 2 items, color ultrasound, and other items; In addition, the company has added gynecological and cervical examination programs for female compatriots. Build a safety barrier for employees to work in peace and live a healthy life. Considering that employees participate in physical examinations on an empty stomach in the morning, free breakfast is specially provided for them.

Southeast Corporation has always adhered to the idea of "people first", regularly conducting employee physical examinations, allowing everyone to fully feel the care of the company's family, further enhancing the sense of belonging, happiness, and identity of employees, and ensuring that all employees can invest in the process of the company's new development with healthy physique and vigorous energy.