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Getting close to nature by scaling Mount Zijin (or: Climbing Mt. Zijin to embrace the great outdoors

   Despite the fact that the majority of workers on the production frontlines were unable to spare time due to their commitment to fulfilling production tasks, our company's "Close to Nature, Scaling Mount Zijin" event proceeded as scheduled on the 20th of this month. On a clear morning following a rainfall, 14 employees, accompanied by their family members, successfully conquered the peak of Mount Zijin with unwavering perseveranc

e and a strong spirit of teamwork.

   The event, originally planned to commence from Jiangwang Temple along the stepped route, underwent a change due to a heavy downpour the night before, rendering the ground slippery. Out of safety concerns, the organizing committee swiftly revised the plan and decided to designate BaMa Park as the new starting point for the hike. At 9:30 am, the participating employees and their family members arrived at BaMa Park aboard the company's dedicated shuttle bus, officially inaugurating this uniquely meaningful outdoor adventure.

Bathed in the morning light, the group ascended the winding mountain road, step by step, amidst lush verdure that was all the more invigorating after the rain. Along the way, they passed by the renowned observatory, where they paused for a brief rest and admired the landmark structure that harmoniously blends history and science, fortifying themselves for the challenges ahead. They then pressed on towards Toushidong Ridge, confronting the steep staircases that characterized much of the remaining trail. Throughout, they encouraged and supported one another, exemplifying the profound camaraderie and proactive, enterprising spirit within the team.

Under the dual test of physical strength and willpower, Mr. Guan reached the summit of Toushidong Ridge, at an altitude of approximately 448 meters, at 11:00 AM, becoming the first person to conquer the peak in this event. His success not only demonstrated his personal fitness and resilience, but also served as a vivid embodiment of the company's corporate spirit of "Scaling new heights with courage and perseverance." Subsequently, the remaining participants arrived one after another, standing together atop Purple Mountain, gazing down upon the panoramic city view, and collectively reveling in their triumph.


Although not all employees were able to participate in the hiking event, the dedication of the front-line workers who remained steadfast at their posts, ensuring timely production and delivery, is equally commendable. Although they were unable to be present in person, the successful organization of this event fostered increased understanding and support among family members and colleagues through their interactions, further enhancing the company's familial atmosphere and team cohesion. The climb up Purple Mountain not only exercised the body, but also tempered the will, deeply impressing upon everyone the importance of unity and collaboration when facing challenges and difficulties.

The "Embracing Nature: Climbing Purple Mountain" event, though modest in scale, was of profound significance. It was not merely an expression of reverence and intimacy with nature, but also a concentrated showcase of the spiritual outlook of our employees. The company will continue to organize such activities, with the aim of enriching the业余 lives of our staff, enhancing team collaboration skills, and simultaneously expressing deep respect for those who steadfastly hold their posts. Together, we shall pen a new chapter in the development of our company.