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Mr. Du and his delegation from Zichai Power Co., Ltd. visited our company for guidance and inspectio

            Recently, Mr. Du and his delegation from Zibo Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. paid a visit to our company for guidance and inspection. The purpose of this visit is to enhance mutual understanding and lay a solid foundation for further deepening cooperation in the future.


      Mr. Du and his delegation first arrived at the Dynamic Equipment & Electrical Science and Technology Company, where they were introduced to relevant electrical products by our company's chairman. Subsequently, they toured the metal structure workshop, the mechanical processing workshop, and the final assembly production lines, witnessing firsthand the actual manufacturing processes for items such as SCR catalytic reduction systems and skid-mounted units. They also inspected the practical applications of production support equipment, including 3D digital pre-assembly technology, robot welding systems, and Andon management systems, expressing their recognition of our company's digitalization and intelligent manufacturing capabilities.


   Next, they proceeded to the quality inspection and debugging area, where they observed the product quality inspection procedures and debugging work. They toured the pre-heating equipment, control panels, and other products commissioned by client Wärtsilä to be manufactured by the company. They expressed their satisfaction with the craftsmanship and quality of these items.


  Following the conclusion of the tour, both parties took a group photograph in the lobby as a memento.

Nanjing Southeast Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. will seize this exchange as an opportunity to continuously enhance its own capabilities and provide customers with even higher quality products and services. Concurrently, the company eagerly anticipates joining forces with Zibo Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. to jointly explore the market and realize a win-win situation.