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Open the way to win the Year of the Dragon

Nanjing Southeast Industrial Equipment Co., LTD. 2024 annual meeting

On February 6, 2024, Nanjing Southeast Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. held the annual meeting dinner with the theme of "Expanding the Road ahead and facing the Year of the Dragon" in the Zhongshan Hall of Jinling New City Hotel. All employees of the company gathered together to review the achievements of the past year and look forward to the future development.


The dinner was kicked off with a wonderful opening by the host. General Manager Guan first reviewed the work in 2023 and looked forward to the development prospects in 2024. Subsequently, the award process was launched, and the annual outstanding employee, best newcomer, best Progress Award, advanced worker, excellent team and other awards were announced, recognizing the outstanding employees and teams in the past year. The special awards will bring the atmosphere to a climax, and the awarding of the General manager's special award and the Chairman's special award makes everyone look forward to the future of the company.



Excellent Employee of the year: Zhang Dongping, Luo Hongliang, Jin Jianjun, Shi Cuihua


Best Newcomer: Willy Hu, Tang Zhang


Best progress: Hua GUI Feng


Advanced worker: Li Qiang, Li Guangzhou, Chang Hongxiang


General Manager Special Award: Zhang Peng


Chairman's Special Award: Fang Cuiping

Then, the party officially began, "blindfolded to eat bananas", "water grab game", "hand mouth" and other team competitive programs for the dinner to create a lively atmosphere, "drumming flowers" performers singing is to make the scene applause. In the lucky draw, six lucky people won the lucky prize, three employees won the third prize, and the subsequent second and first prize drawing made the scene tense and exciting. Finally, in the chairman's humorous concluding speech, the party ended successfully.


Chairman's speech

This annual meeting not only shows the team cohesion and vitality of Nanjing Southeast Industrial Equipment Co., LTD., but also lays a solid foundation for the development of the Year of the Dragon. The company will continue to forge ahead and create a better future!