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Horizontal electric  wiper
Marine horizontal electric wiper is a kind of product for removal of snow and rain on the windows of marine wheelhouse and operation room. It takes the regulating motor as the major power source and aluminum alloy shell as guide rail. The reduction gear and drive gear transfer the power to drive the rubber blade on the bottom of the stainless steel arm making a parallel reciprocating wiping on the glass, to achieve a clear view when it is raining, snowing or wave flapping.
Pneumatic wiper
We are pneumatic wiper manufacturers in China. This wiper takes the pneumatic motor as a power source which can satisfy the explosion-proof demand for customers, applicable for special vessels, such as drilling platform, chemicals and oil tankers.
Curved windshield wiper
Curved windshield electric wiper is a kind of electrical product for removal of water on the windows of marine wheelhouse and operation room. It takes the drive motor as the power source. The reduction gear and link mechanism utilize the rotation of motor to drive the stainless steel arm making a curved wiping, to keep a clear view when the sea water, rain water and snow flapping on the porthole, to ensure a safe navigation.
Clear view screen
These series of products is applicable for wheelhouse observation window. The motor will drive the clear view screen rotating with a high speed and generate centrifugal force to shake off the rain water, snow, and sea water, and thus keep a clear view. The latest product adopt double glazing structure, with a visible view field more than 90%, and can isolate the wheelhouse with external.
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