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The new generation of Propulsion Control System (DNYK) series produced by SECORP can provide an innovative design concept, optimized control process and humanized interaction experience, and be well prepared for future industry development.
Brief Introduction to the Propulsion Control System
System Layout Drawing
Applicable scope
The system is applicable for 2- stroke and 4- stroke diesel engines, connected with controllable pitch propeller or fixed pitch propeller, and can be widely used in diesel engines powered, hybrid or diesel electric power propulsion plant.
Related Certificates
The product has obtained the CCS (China Classification Society) type approval certificate, the certificate No. is No. NJ12T00114. Obtained the GL (Germanischer Lloyd) type approval certificate, the certificate No. is No. 46545-12HH. Obtained Environmental Test Report (test No. EM2012-038) and electromagnetic compatibility test report t (test No. ER2012-038) from China Shipping Industry Electronic Equipment Environmental and Reliability Test Center. Obtained Quality Management System certificate (certificate no. is 00511Q21132R0S).
Product Advantage
OperabilityIn addition to, the information display panel of the DNYK propulsion control system can observe the current position of the currently controlled lever and the driven lever to minimize the misoperation.It also has the auxiliary telegraph function, when the lever is failure, it can contact the cabin by push a botton, to ensure the safety of navigation.
Human InteractionSECORP DNYK operating system uses a capacitive multi-point touch to upgrade the man-machine interaction experience, and finish all operations easily, the complex tasks can be finished by touching.
EconomyDesign with bus make the whole ship can be connected with special PROFIBUS 2-core communication cable, which will save the cost of materials and construction time of shipyard.
Fault DetectionThe system is equipped with expert diagnosis system. The crew can search the fault code to directly read the fault information and maintenance methods.
Standby Power SupplyIt is equipped with special battery module; it can be stored for 200 days under a continuous power off.
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